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Visiting writers will offer public readings as well as workshops in a wide variety of styles, genres, and backgrounds.

Extracurricular Activities. Two-year college students are encouraged to develop their own extracurricular activities, such as clubs, reading series, and magazines.

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These projects are funded through the college. Many community colleges also form partnerships with area schools and arts organizations to help fund extracurricular activities and to promote existing literary activities in the community to their students. A Student Literary Magazine. Where resources allow, students should have the opportunity to edit their own literary magazine with a faculty advisor who guides but does not censor their editorial process.

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Remedial Student Involvement. Serving students who lack appropriate academic skills is part of the mission of most community colleges. A creative writing program, therefore, should support students who are interested in creative writing but who are still completing pre-college level English courses by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and to submit work to contests and literary magazines; students enrolled in the creative writing program may serve as their peer mentors.

Service Learning and Vocational Opportunities. Students participate in programs that promote and celebrate literature, writing, and reading in their communities. When possible, internship and service learning opportunities are available for creative writing students in a variety of writing, editing, and publishing professions.

Strong Recruitment of the Best Students. Financial aid for creative writing students is comparable to the support for students in other departments. Both the institution and the program work in consort to enroll qualified students of different backgrounds, social classes, and races.

Creative Writing Programme

A High Student Success Rate. A significant number of students continue their studies in four-year and graduate programs or become active in literary communities and organizations.

When appropriate, faculty members help students learn about publishing options. Strong Leadership.

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The AFA Program Director tenured or tenure — track provides strong leadership in planning, budgeting, and staffing, advocating the needs of the program to the administration. The director maintains a productive relationship not only with the department that sponsors the program but also with the institution and local community in general.

The Program Director will be given course release time for this work.

Creative Writing in the Community A Guide

Community Connections. The program creates an open atmosphere that invites discussion, collaboration, and diverse cultural and ethnic contributions. Recruitment of students and faculty establishes a strong connection to and reflection of community. Strong Administrative Support. The administration demonstrates a strong commitment to the program, including but not limited to support for financial resources, salaries, clerical and administrative assistance to the director, and release time for faculty to pursue creative projects.

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Hiring committees and administrators acknowledge the MFA as an appropriate degree for teaching creative writing, rhetoric, and composition courses. Participation in Professional Networks. The creative writing program is designed to not only hone your creative writing skills, but also enhance your research, reading and composition skills, which are valuable in many fields, including:.

Pairing a creative writing minor with another degree shows future employers that you have studied the art and craft of writing, which is an increasingly common asset in many career fields. Countless businesses require individuals who can effectively manage the flow of written communication, using proper points of view, grammar and structure and well-developed ideas.

Completion of this minor requires a minimum of 21 hours of core requirements and electives. Students who are interested in creative writing can take courses offered in the creative writing curriculum offered by the English Department and the College of Letters and investigate the creative writing concentration in the English major. Students who are not English majors can study a range of ways of writing for public audiences in journalism, criticism, editing, fiction, poetry, drama, biography, and memoir through the Writing Certificate.

Students may enroll in Master Classes in Creative Writing through the Shapiro Center for Writing and participate in conversations and events hosted by the Center. They are encouraged to attend readings by prominent writers who visit the University each year. Students who are working to develop their skill in academic writing or who are looking for assistance in their writing for courses can visit the Writing Workshop where a variety of services and activities are available to aid students at every stage in their academic career and every level of ability.

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