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Angels are mentioned in Scripture about times, and the majority of those times are in the New Testament.


They remind us that the unseen world is real and remind us that there are forces at work even though we do not see them. As we study the things of heaven, we will find ourselves drawing closer to God and His awesome wonder. All glory be to our Creator—Lord of heaven and earth. God created angels just as He created us, and He has a purpose for them just as He does for us. Within these types, there is also a hierarchy—with the archangel, Michael, having the most authority. Angels have free will, just like us. Lucifer wanted to be God and wanted others to serve him.

Satan enticed one-third of the angels into joining his rebellion Revelation They, too, were cast out of heaven, becoming fallen angels, also known as demons. When Satan and his followers made this decision, it was a permanent choice—an eternal choice. The Bible presents no opportunities for these fallen angels to repent and be forgiven.

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The demons are without hope, for Jesus Christ did not shed His blood at Calvary to redeem the fallen angels Matthew Guardian angels are a very popular subject in our culture. Sometimes people, even non-Christians, say their guardian angels saved them in near-death experiences.

Oftentimes, people believe that their loved ones who have passed come back to earth as their guardian angel to watch over them. The second passage is in Acts 12, where an angel freed Peter from prison. After his release, he went to a house where a group of Christians was praying for his release. And Elisha and his servant were surrounded by many angels. The psalmist writes that all the angels rally for the protection of one saint. It is a popular belief by some that after we die, we become angels.

But the truth is, we do not. God created angels separately from mankind. They are different than us. God created Adam in His own image Genesis , yet the Bible does not say angels were created in His image, although they occasionally take human form when they appear in Scripture. Also, it is never stated that angels are redeemed—Christ died for humanity on the cross, not for angels. How do you tend to react to big changes in your life?

Are you more like Suds or like Joey? Discuss the power of peer pressure in this scene. What is it about Joey that makes him seem like an authority on how big kids ought to act? Do you think that Joey is a bully? Why does Joey destroy his own bedroom? Why does he insist that pain is part of the process of becoming a man?

Where do you think he has gotten this idea? By chapter eleven, the two friends have traded roles. How do you feel about this new version of each character? Is Suds still a likeable guy? Is Joey? Fourth Grade Rats explores the idea that there is a little bit of sadness in growing up.

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They got replaced by cars and coffee and all. Why are these routines and rituals so important? Do you or your family do anything special at home to counteract the stress of school?

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It takes the dire circumstance of being trapped high in a tree to make Suds finally pause and think about all that has happened. Do you think Suds is embarrassed or relieved to reach this conclusion? Have you ever gotten yourself into a tricky situation that made you think hard about your life? What was the result?

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What snapped you out of it? Putting It All Together What is a prequel? Why do you think the characters from Fourth Grade Rats inspired author Jerry Spinelli to write more about them? Why did he go backwards in time to their third grade year, rather than show them all in fifth grade? Think about your favorite book and come up with an idea for its prequel. Even worse, she publicly humiliates him in the lunchroom, and ditches him after he tries to do a good deed by rescuing her cat.

Why does Suds continue to like this girl, after all her poor behavior? Do you think he has changed his opinion of her by the end of the second novel? Yet at the start of Fourth Grade Rats , his competitive streak has disappeared. In fact, Suds seems almost shy. What has changed? What do you think it would be like to be friends with Joey?

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What would be fun about hanging out with him? What would be challenging? Describe the perfect friend for you. How much do you think a friend should challenge and change you, and how much should he or she just accept who you are?

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Write a letter from Suds to Judy. What would he tell her? What would he ask her? How would she reply? If so, what helps you? Do the different grade levels in your school have a reputation for certain behavior? Have you ever felt pressured by trends in your class to act a particular way? How does author Jerry Spinelli use humor to tell the story of Suds? What parts of the novels did you find extra funny?

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