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If possible, try to embrace natural light. Replace heavy or dark curtains with sheer panels or lighter alternatives.

Design Lab – How To Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

If you can change the blinds, opt for smaller blinds that are easy to open. Click here for more ideas about lighting small spaces.

2. Brighten your dark bedroom: Be clever with your wall colours

In a dark room, the last thing you want is dark, bulky furniture that will just make the space seem darker and smaller. Instead, opt for lighter furniture pieces. This can mean lighter colors, such as white or light gray items or lighter materials, such as wicker or mesh, which allows for more light to flow through. Instead of one large piece of furniture, break it up with multiple smaller pieces.

That means that instead of having a large sectional couch, choose a smaller couch and love seat. Use a pair of armchairs for seating instead of one large unit. Using smaller pieces breaks up the space better and allows the limited light to flow through the room more easily. Even colors can break up a dark space and make it feel brighter and more inviting. Add colorful accents wherever you can.

How to Brighten a Dark Room in 10 Creative Ways

Bright throw pillows or blankets on the couch can add a pop of color, just like colorful artwork or window treatments. Warm tones are best for brightening dark spaces, so stick to colors like red, yellow, green, and brown. While the darker ceilings create a dramatic mood within the room, they can also leave the room feeling like a cave.

Consider installing a dimmer switch to have versatile lighting control.

If you love the look of rich and dark-colored kitchen cabinetry and dark flooring consider using lighter finish countertops or mix and match lighter cabinetry alongside your dark ones. You will be surprised how your kitchen is more enjoyable to work in when it has plenty of light and feels open. If you are in the process of choosing finishes for a kitchen remodel, consider these ideas to keep your kitchen light and airy.

If your kitchen is only dark in certain areas, consider pendant lighting fixtures that will brighten up a dark corner or above a breakfast bar beautifully.

Choose an accent pendant light that wows the rest of the kitchen. Lighting manufacturers have a plethora of designer glass, stainless steel, mosaic tile and even artisan blown glass pendant lights to choose from! There is something to be said for a dark and sophisticated bedroom! When the walls, bedding, flooring and accessories are all dark it can create a heavenly den to cozy up to after a long workday.

Brighten a Dark Room By Letting the Light Shine In | In My Own Style

If you like the dramatic appeal, consider adding soft lighting in strategic areas to still keep the mood but to aid in seeing and appreciating your bedroom. Therefore, strike a balance in your design style. If you have dark walls, why not create a contrast with light bedding in soft ecru, butter yellow, or varying shades of off white sheets, throw pillows, and bedroom decor to give your bedroom a balanced and relaxing atmosphere.

Everything is so beautiful and I feel so lucky to have had your hands touch my life in such a special way! I have been going through some really hard things the last few months and this has brightened my life and lifted me up. Thank you so much for your kindness! I will never forget it! It was so much fun watching you do what you are so amazing at! Without repeating everything, I totally agree with above sentiments; it is an awesome transformation! I wanted to make it light enough to use a lighter paint without it appearing dirty.

Is the only difference the time of day? Is this the only difference?

If not, what did you use to brighten the room please? Or what do you do without can lights? I leave lights on all day, too. I would not install recessed lighting in a dark room, the more lamps the better.

2. Curb your curtains

Hope this helps! I really like the concept of a lamp in the kitchen. Your magic touch transforms a space again. Many tips gleaned from this post. Thanks for your generous sharing of your talents. Would you comment on the placement of the wall grouping of new art work? I tend to think of a wall grouping defining a space- in this case the sitting area. I love this transformation — entirely happy and peaceful! Quite shocking really — so much effect with not a lot. Excellent job!

25 Easy Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Basement

I totally agree about the great ambiance lamps provide. But what if they block the view? My home has a view of a lake from the windows on all three sides of my living area. How do I choose lighting in this situation?