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Paranatural by Zack Morrison A story about superpowered middle schoolers fighting evil spirits in their rural hometown. Come for the ghost jokes, stay for the cast, the creatures, and the mystery that ties them all together!

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This webcomic follows the heart-warming adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. And beer and sex. NSFW at times. Don't panic! Sam and Fuzzy are here to help. For a reasonable fee. StarHammer J. Monk, Harry Bogosian, and Tessa M. Kleiner A confused teen reluctantly accepts the mantle of a disgraced superheroine after unwittingly inheriting a powerful artifact.

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Devil's Candy by Bikkuri and Rem Devil's Candy is a lush fantasy webcomic about boy genius Kazu Decker, the girl he constructed for his 9th grade science project, and the world of devils and monsters they live in. Metacarpolis by Erin Burt A webcomic. Involves unemployed minions, magical girls, evil megacorporations, etc. Nocturne by Fred Cassar A story of three young adults in a city where only heartfelt music can purify all the maddening noise the radio creates.

Goodbye to Halos by Valerie Halla Cuddles, gay flirting, weird feelings, and magic-fueled knife fights - it's an adventure across the queer multiverse! Take classic Breakout, add stunning 3D graphics and realtime physics. Season with a good pinch of new gameplay. Stir well and you get Caromble! Discover all game worlds, collect the shards, and don't forget to keep improving your high scores.

Crashtastic is a physics based vehicle sandbox game. The goal is simple Created by purple buffalo. With the help of your feedback, playtesting and a kickstarter campaign, we'll have it produced by August Play the video game as a Play the free demo here: You are sent into dungeons to collect enough gems GroBoto - Modeling App. GroBoto is a unique 3D modeling tool that combines the freedom and intuitive ease of modeling based on simple primitive shapes, with sophisticated automatic mesh generation.

Created by Ohm Force. Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It's as simple as that! It can be simultaneous or not, but everyone is working on the same project. Things go fast bec Planetship is both a planet AND a ship, it's also a party bus holo-lounge spice freighter rocket boosting thorium burning well oiled supermachine, get it?

You will after a harrowing yet surprisingly relaxing journey through the chaotic void realms of stran Created by Big Boom Games. But each time you jump, it cycles the background color of the TV. If the foreground and background color match, it no longer exists. With the addition of other color based mechanics and tight controls, you m Why using those nicely designed applications if you can have an application that is highlighting the most important thing: Which of your savegames and profiles The Age of Racing.

Created by Vae Victis. Race in a world inspired by the open wheels racing scene, as you take your customized car around hairpin turns, swerve past your opponents, and accelerate towards the finish line. The Galactic Asteroids Patrol. Created by Invigo Studios. The Galactic Asteroids Patrol is a re-imaging of the classic style arcade games of blowing things up in outer space. Created by Spotted Zebra. Adlib is a fast paced word game which challenges the player to quickly spell words before the board fills up. In Adlib words are automatically found and collected as you spell them.

Over time new letters are pushed up from below. You have to be quick if yo A new threat is coming from the space; the plasma insects. Created by City Car Driving Developers. Special stress in the "City Car Driving" simula Dysis is a creative voxel-based real time strategy and first person shooter hybrid. You are given an army of robots, the ability to manipulate your environment, and the task of escaping the Dysis. The land is infinite, hostile and mysterious. Well, you play the heroic Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon!

Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Curse of the Gold. Roused from a life of sloth to reunite with his long-lost brother in search Created by Cap'n Robot.

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You can now purchase Legend of Dungeon 'Nearly Beta' at our website: Operation Smash is now available for purchase on Desura: Description Parallax is a first-person puzzle game with two overlapping worlds. Weave back and forth between black and white as you try to be in the right place, in the right dimension, at the right time. Use switches, boosters and gravity to hel Created by Wadjet Eye Games.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with cast-off machines, Primordia tells the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic robot who values his solitude and Created by Zut Games. Hey, who's that purple cat? Help Pushcat dig, push and mine his way through five worlds in his quest for sweet, sweet silver.

Pick up your rifle and join the Green, Grey or Brown army in their mission to send the enemy home in a box! Reversion - The Escape is available for free jumping to this link! Now you can buy it! Gather resources, build bases, craft your gear, and survive on an alien planet. In a distant future, our homeworld is in peril and as a last resort, specially chosen individu Create, organize and communicate your game vision. Welcome to the first professional game design tool, articy: You can now create interactive stories , characters , objects and locations in one highly visual and Created by Backstab Games.

A base of 2D platformer with extra spicy bouncing, in a mix of 48 heavily trapped levels, sided with 3 badass bosses. There's also tasty upgrades to avoid choking. Best served hardcore, enjoy! Created by Chronic Logic. Nikki and the Robots. Created by Joyride Labs. Nikki is on a mission to rescue secret agents that have been captured by the evil Dr. You control Nikki to jump and run through the levels, collect batteries and press switches! Solve puzzles by remotely controlling robots throu Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Against the Wall is a first-person puzzle-platformer set on the side of an infinite wall. Entire civilizations and ecosystems cling for survival on the side of the wall, everyone and everything existing under the constant threat of tumbling into an endless Created by Santa Ragione. The key is timing, the goal is exploring and traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract - mainly duotone - outlined world, with a look refer Wow, thanks so much for all your votes!

We almost made it and are just a few steps away from getting greenlighted. Please support us with your vote for this awesome game! Frozen Hearth has now been launched and Perennial is a platforming game. Terrorhedron is a unique tower defense game for the PC. Unmatched challenge and complexity is introduced to the genre through fully 3D tracks, micro strategy through programmable turrets and 'edge of seat' gameplay is extended to multiplayer with up to 8 p Created by The Working Parts. In the first game by The Working Parts, a lone frog descends into the depths of a flooded forest, not yet knowing the full extent of its tragedy.

To survive in a brutal, oxygen-obsessed ecosystem, you must help it see the patterns and hidd A Cold War era super computer has gone rogue and is printing nuclear launch codes preparing for a first strike. Created by Pied Pipers Entertainment. Humans have long since abandoned the planet after practically destroying it in a war, five hundred years ago. A unique mix of RPG and strategy set in a realistic medieval world, Legends of Eisenwald combines dynamic campaigns with fast-paced, yet strategic, turn-based combat. Take on the role of a baroness, a knight or a mystic as you liberate or rule over the Pearls of the Deep.

Created by Legacy Games.

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  5. Pearls of the Deep is an award winning physics-based, Match-3 puzzler. Drop colorful orbs and let gravity do the rest, as the pearls crash and clink their way through ramps, platforms, and spinning gears. Match 3 or more pearls of the same color In RoboMinion, the goal is to solve each puzzle by helping a little robot get to his destination. You don't have direct control over him, but you can manipulate the board by placing several different items as guidance.

    The little minion is not very smart Created by Signs of Life. Signs of Life is a sci-fi survival sandbox platformer with a combination of procedurally generated and hand-crafted content. You'll explore mysterious locations, Mine blocks for resources, and meet strange and some familiar creatures, some of which don't Created by XGen Studios.

    Set on Mars in an alternate Cold-War era, Super Motherload is a 1 to 4-player couch co-op digging adventure with storyline by Image Comics' Kurtis Wiebe, a fully voiced cast of Soviet and American characters, and a procedurally-generated world that changes You Have to Win the Game. This game is free and available for download at www.

    Who Stole My Pants? Meet Wimp - a cute little blob! Wimp sees wonderful dreams In his dreams life has been quiet and peaceful, but in a sad twist of the story, Wimp's pants have been stolen! This is where the journey begins. Created by Gaijin Entertainment.

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    Take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world! Created by Subterranean Games. Your domain lies beneath the surface of this realm, a Created by ShortRound Games. Welcome to Global Outbreak! The World has been hit by a lethal virus, turning people into enraged zombie mutants.

    The authorities of each city are work Created by Perfect Parallel. PerfectGolf is a next generation, indie developed, single player, multiplayer and MMO golf game. Built off of the Unity Engine, Perfect Golf provides a truly immersive experience centered on stunning visuals and hyper-realistic game play.

    The game will h Created by Cryptic Sea. Sub Rosa is a multiplayer FPS about tense deals, double-crosses and car chases. Obvious though it may seem, the importance of this discovery can not be underestimated. This shows us that the spectrum of consciousness has a larger radius of possibility then previously measured.

    How else can we save our species from self-destruction but to awaken its higher centers, starting with our own. Meditation is the most consistent way to access higher consciousness through creating inner space. This is the part that processes information relating to ourselves and our experiences. Normally the neural pathways from the bodily sensation and fear centers of the brain to the Me Center are really strong.

    When you experience a scary or upsetting sensation, it triggers a strong reaction in your Me Center, making you feel scared and under attack. When we meditate, we weaken this neural connection. So when we experience scary or upsetting sensations, we can more easily look at them rationally. Much easier than trying to dive right in on your own, a helpful guide. And as Eckhart Tolle reminds us, every action can be a meditation on mindfulness:. Yes, we have to beat down the separateness. But how does a brain become aware of information? What is sentience itself?

    Something lovely apparently buried inside us is aware of ourselves and of our world. Without that awareness, zombie-like, we would presumably have no basis for curiosity, no realization that there is a world about which to be curious, no impetus to seek insight, whether emotional, artistic, religious, or scientific.

    Consciousness is the window through which we understand. To understand why mass and gravity interact, we must appeal to highly esoteric explanations involving relativity, quantum mechanics or string theory. Graziano offers a simpler metaphor: Neuroscience, at this stage, Graziano asserts, is merely pointing at the magician; not explaining the trick. In philosophy, the study of consciousness is called phenomenology.

    The mind—body problem examines the relationship between mind and matter, specifically the relationship between consciousness and the brain. In the split world, spirit wars with flesh, culture with nature, the sacred with the profane, the light with the dark. Starhawk observes that the split narrative becomes a metaphor for hierarchy. Although we are technically all conscious as long as we are living, sometimes, although we are operating in the world, we may feel dull, uninspired, disconnected, apathetic. We encounter people who seem checked out as well.

    This sense of deepened awakeness is often referred to as higher consciousness, and connecting with this state is the goal of spiritual practice. What are your thoughts on consciousness? Before advertising stole our souls and scientific materialism denied its existence, dogmatic religious institutions held our souls hostage. The result has been a continually morphing and adapting form of systematic soul erasure in the Western world.

    We are strangers to nature, to other human beings, to parts of ourselves. We see the world as made up of separate isolated nonliving parts that have no inherent value.

    Jasper Jones

    Among things inherently separate and lifeless, the only power relationship possible is manipulation and domination. In this worldview emptied of spirit, a tree becomes merely timber to be measured in feet, given value only by its profitability; not its being, its beauty, or its part in the larger ecosystem.

    A sense of nonreality permeates our lives. As my dear poetry mentor, Barry Spacks , once phrased it: Starhawk notes that estrangement permeates our society so strongly that to us it seems to be consciousness itself. Even the language for other possibilities has disappeared or been deliberately twisted. She details that magic can be very prosaic—a leaflet, a lawsuit. Anything that changes consciousness at will.

    It can also be esoteric—inner work, interacting with the cosmos at large. At its heart, magic is moving energies. When we remove the veil of Western materialism, the world comes alive again; and anything is possible. This paradigm shift—from viewing reality as composed of separate, isolated, nonliving parts; from seeking power-over- —must be replaced by a worldview that acknowledges the living ecosystem of our dynamic inter-connectivity, to seeking power from within. And change starts within. Like seeds, we dream in the dark earth, but inside us we hold a blueprint for blooming.

    The world is shot through with immanence… for those who care to see. Recent research reveals that the part of the brain responsible for self-control is the same area that allows us to feel empathy. Tests reveal that when we think about ourselves in the present, parts of our prefrontal cortex light up that remain dim when we think about a stranger—or try to imagine our future self.